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A and. E Departments Require Overhaul

The College of Emergency Medicine (CEM) has today called for GPs to assess and treat as many as 30% of patients at accident and emergency observes Tim Moulton, Clinical Negligence Solicitor at Maxwell Hodge.

The report calls for GP surgeries to be set up at Hospitals to ease the growing pressure on accident and emergency units, which are struggling to cope with an "unsustainable" increase in patients.

The call for extra services to help tackle the crisis in A&E departments has coincided with a warning from hospital managers that the whole emergency treatment system might collapse next winter unless urgent changes were made to funding. The Foundation Network Trust says the present funding system penalises A&E departments seeing more patients.

Growing concern about the ability of A&E units to cope with rising demand, expressed by the Care Quality Commission watchdog and others, last week forced ministers to announce a hastily assembled plan. New "urgent care boards" will devise "local recovery and improvement plans" for hospitals where emergency services are under the greatest pressure. The CEM recently said the sometimes chaotic situation in many A&Es meant they were becoming like "warzones". The college urges ministers and the NHS to double the number of A&E consultants to 3,200, and increase by 50% the number of middle-grade doctors or registrars in the speciality, to reduce the workload of those in post now and stop emergency medicine becoming a speciality that future doctors choose to avoid. All A&Es should have at least 10 consultants so that a senior doctor is in charge for 16 hours a day every day, and larger units should have 16, but many currently have 7.5 consultants, said Hassan. It highlights that "never events", which pose a serious threat to patient safety, such as wrong-site surgery or a piece of surgical equipment being left inside a patient after an operation, occurred in 2011-12 in 6% of the 131 emergency departments it surveyed.

Tim Moulton, Clinical Negligence Solicitor at Maxwell Hodge comments, “I would wholeheartedly support an increase in the numbers of doctors available at Accident & Emergency Departments since many of the negligence claims we encounter within the department concerning Accident & Emergency, plainly evidence increasing patient numbers and an overstretched NHS service”.

Maxwell Hodge Solicitors are specialists in all aspects of Clinical Negligence including Accident & Emergency Treatment. We have a network of highly experienced medical experts able to comment on the standard of care that has been provided to you or your relatives. If you believe you have been a victim of clincial negligence either within an Accident & Emergency Department or elsewhere within the NHS then please contact our specialist New Enquiry Team, quoting Clinical Negligence. The team is lead by a Law Society Panel certified Specialst Clincial Negligence Solicitor and a qualified Nurse Practitioner who will be able to provide you with a free of charge, confidential and informal discussion concerning your potential claim. 0800 6946 660

Original Article:

15th May 2013