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Mediation is a form of dispute resolution involving a third party, a mediator, who helps to facilitate a settlement between the parties without the need for Court proceedings.

Mediation has a number of benefits; it is often cheaper and quicker than litigation.

More and more parties are being encouraged to attempt to settle disputes before Court proceedings commence. Indeed, mediation may soon be compulsory for some areas of litigation. Often settlement is achievable at any stage as long as the parties are willing to attempt to resolve their differences.

For mediation the solution is shaped by the parties themselves which means that the people involved in the process are working together to solve their problem. This often helps to preserve the relationship between the parties allowing them to have some association thereafter. This means mediation is perfect for Civil and Commercial Disputes.

We have an accredited mediator able to assist with Civil and Commercial Disputes. Kristina Stoddern’s CV can be downloaded here .

Often just finding a location for mediation can be difficult given that there are two or more parties involved plus the mediator.

We have a number of conference facilities at our Liverpool City Centre office to accommodate multi-party mediation, which means that we will take away as much of the stress and hassle as possible so that you can focus on the way forward and resolving your client’s dispute. Our offices are comfortable with IT facilities and refreshments provided at no extra cost.

If you cannot attend our offices we can come to you or mediation can be dealt with over the telephone.

Benefits of our mediation services

  • A flexible process tailored to your needs
  • Fixed fees for mediation
  • We arrange everything on your behalf
  • ADR accredited
  • Total support throughout your mediation
  • Assistance in preparing a binding records of your settlement

Download Mediator's CV