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Change of Name Deed

Maxwell Hodge offer a Change of Name Deed service.

Please note that the change of name detailed within this page only relates to adults.

The change of name can be by Statutory Declaration or by Deed Poll.

Statutory Declaration

A statutory declaration is a formal document which is set out in writing and is sworn in front of a Solicitor. Whether this option is suitable for you will depend on the reason why you are changing your name. You should check with any organisation that you are seeking to convince of your change of name, to see if they will accept this form of change of name.

At Maxwell Hodge we can prepare this document for you or we can swear the document if you have had it drafted by another Solicitor, or if you have drafted the document yourself.

Our charges for drafting the document are £75.00 plus VAT.

Our charges for swearing the document are £5.00 plus £2.00 per exhibit (i.e. any documents attached to the declaration and referred to within the document).

Deed Poll

This is a formal deed which is drafted by a Solicitor and witnessed by two independent witnesses. The deed must be worded in a specific way in order to be valid.

Once signed by you and witnessed, you can simply use the deed poll as evidence of your change of name. If you want to go further to prove the change of name, you can enrol the deed poll in Central Office of the Supreme Court. A fee is payable to the Court. This will then create a public record of the change of name. The change of name would also be advertised in the London Gazette and again there is a fee payable for this.

At Maxwell Hodge we can draft and witness the deed on your behalf.

Our charges for this are from £75.00 plus VAT.

If you wish to speak to someone about a change of name deed for an adult please contact us on 0151 227 4545.