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Our first class legal team is specifically designed to give
you and your family the complete service, with
strength, support and efficiency throughout.

Inheritance disputes

Claims against estates are increasing. Bringing or defending a claim can be a very stressful and worrying time. Contentious Probate claims are complex and each case has different issues. No matter how carefully you may plan for the future, disputes can still arise.

We have a Litigation team with over 45 years experience who can assist you in bringing the appropriate action, or defending an action which has been brought against you. You may be acting as an Executor of an estate, which can be very challenging, or you may be a beneficiary under a Will and have concerns about the administration of the estate. You may even be a friend or relative who has been promised assets from the estate or has been financially dependant upon that person.

We are here to offer clear and practical advice on the options available and the costs involved. We aim to resolve your dispute promptly.

We have a sophisticated case management system, which enables us to work quickly and effectively. At each stage of the case we are able to provide a breakdown of the work and the costs involved to enable you to budget accordingly.

Areas where a claim may arise include:

  • Disputes between Executors/Trustees and Beneficiaries
  • Replacement/Removal of Executors or Trustees
  • Improper Conduct of Executor or Trustees
  • Potentially Invalid Wills (forgery / lack of testamentary capacity / undue influence)
  • Inheritance Claims (including lack of financial provision)
  • Lost or Destroyed Wills
  • Breach of Trust

Funding – Will Disputes

Dispute resolution can be expensive, especially if Court action is required.  We are aware that in the current climate not everyone can afford to pursue a claim through the Courts.

Funding options available include: