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Small Claims Services

Small claims are designed for litigants in person to represent themselves at Court.

A small claim is a claim for money with a value of less than £10,000.00 (excluding personal injury claims, for which the value is £1,000.00 or less).

Small claims however are not always straightforward and whilst the costs of instructing a Solicitor may not be recoverable, advice is sometimes required on certain aspects of the claim.

We offer one-off small claims services designed to assist litigants in person in dealing with their claim, whether you are the Defendant or Claimant.

Below is a list of services and the costs we will charge.

Small Claims Services


Our Charges

Preparing Claim form

£90 plus VAT

Preparing Defence

£100 plus VAT

Preparing Allocation Questionnaire

£50 plus VAT

Collating Documents / Preparing List

£75 plus VAT

Preparing statements

£75 plus VAT per statement

Advice on merits of claim

£250 plus VAT

Obtaining expert report

£250 plus VAT

(there will also be a fee payable to the expert)


For small claims, only certain costs can be recovered from your opponent if you are successful.

Please see our Small Claims Guide for further information on pursuing a small claim yourself.

Once you have a Judgment, you need to consider how you are going to get paid by your opponent. There are a number of different options you will need to consider and you may find our Enforcement Guide useful.